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Auction rules


1) The Organizer of the Auction is: Zimet Sp. z o.o., ul. Malinowa 1, 05-140 Jadwisin

  1. on behalf of the organizer, the leaders are persons indicated by the Management Board of Zimet Sp. z o.o. as well as directly the Management Board of the company.

2) Auction participants are all persons participating in the auction and consciously submitting a price offer for the presented goods.

  1. the condition for participation in the auction is min. reaching the age of 18
  2. in the event of disclosure of the above, the auction of the selected item is still binding, as it is the holders of parental authority who are required to supervise the proper use of social media channels.
  3. The auction may be canceled, provided that at the time of the award or immediately after the award, the participant of the auction has not lodged a justified protest.
  4. the consequence of the above points is the exclusion of the participant from further participation in the current or other events organized by the interested parties



1) during the auction, the goods are offered NEW, as long as the offeror is known, free from manufacturing defects

2) the quantity of the goods and their minimum price will be announced during the LIVE broadcast each time before the bidding begins

3) the availability of the goods is guaranteed by the Organizer in the amount announced before the start of the unit bidding, in the event that the stock available is exhausted, the Organizer does not provide more

4) The prices of the Goods are expressed gross per item or running meter in Polish zlotys

5) there is no foreign currency auction



1) The organizer, each time before the start of the auction, announces the goods, stating its starting price and the available quantity

2) a time of three minutes is set for each auction during which participants can offer their price and the quantity of goods they are interested in

3) the winner is the highest price per item or per meter offered by the participants, in the case of two identical offers at the time of the expiry of the time, the first of them wins. Disputes or inaccuracies during the auction are resolved on an ongoing basis, and the participants accept the joint verdict of the organizer

4) if the goods are available, successive participants are taken into account, and so on until the stock is exhausted

5) the bidding procedure in the case of an auction of a quantity of goods per running meter cannot be less than PLN 0.10,

6) the bidding procedure in the case of an auction for a unit product may not be less than PLN 0.50

7) Technical problems on the part of the organizer, insofar as they will affect the course of the auction, extend the duration of the auction in question

8) individual participants reporting problems in the event of loss of the transmission signal will not be taken into account



1) In the event that the Organizer receives an offer from the participant, which is higher or equal to the goods offered by the ORGANIZER, after the end of the auction period, the Organizer is obliged to deliver the Goods and make them available to the buyer. The time for delivery is set by the organizer as up to 7 working days, it is assumed that this obligation was fulfilled at the moment when the organizer ordered the goods for transport.

2) the Auction participant who won by submitting the highest bid is obliged to make a payment within 48 hours to the Organiser’s bank account, The bank account number is: 71 2490 0005 0000 4600 2495 0555 at Alior Bank, the proof of payment is the confirmation of the transfer to the organizer and sending it to the e-mail address office@sewing-machines.cy

3) The lack of payment on the organizer’s bank account and the lack of confirmation of the transfer prevent the Organizer from delivering the auctioned goods to the participant and release the organizer from the obligation to deliver to the participant in the case of a given individual auction

4) the organizer in the case of point §4 point 3 may offer the next tenderer the Goods in an amount equal or higher according to the price indicated by the next bidder, while retaining the right to claim compensation from a participant who fails to meet the obligation to pay the difference on the general principles regulated by the Civil Code.

5) in the case of meeting the conditions set out in points §4 point 1 and 2, it is assumed that a full-fledged purchase and sale agreement has been concluded


  • 5 COSTS

1) The organizer covers all costs related to the organization of this auction

2) shipping costs in the case of goods with a total value of less than PLN 400 are covered by the participant

3) costs of data transmission and other elements related to participation on the participant’s side are covered by the participant



1) unless the participants report a protest immediately during or immediately after the end of the auction, it is assumed that any complaints regarding the course of the auction are FULFILLED

2) in the case of the purchase of goods, the latter, being new, is subject to the normal rules of commercial law and thus does no

  1. warranty
  2. warranty
  3. Complaints, and those not relating to the course of the auction and the goods will be considered in the manner provided for by law



The law applicable to the above regulations is Polish law.

The Participant has the right to submit a written statement, but does not oblige the Organizer to react immediately, unless it is a direct protest regarding one auction.

The organizer has 30 working days to respond to the participant’s written statement, if necessary.