Siruba DL381 sewing machine


A series of single or 2 and 3 needle chainstitch machines. The machines are equipped with energy-saving motors in the head (DirectDrive system) and needle positioning.
The double-thread chain stitch is characterized by high tensile strength, which ensures sufficient strength when stretching elastic materials. An additional advantage of chainstitch machines is the fact that they do not require the use of bobbins of the lower thread (hook), but allow sewing directly from large spools of thread.

1412.90 incl. VAT/TAX

Available on backorder, delivery between 4 -12 days

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Sewing speed: 4500 sti/min

Stitch length: 1.4 – 4 mm

Machines are available in different subclasses depending on the purpose:

  • DL381 – 1 needle, double thread machine.
  • DL382 – a 2-needle, four-thread machine.
  • DL382R – 2-needle, four-thread sewing machine in TANDEM system (needle after needle).
  • DL383 – 3-needle, six-thread machine.